A Letter From Your Guide

Moose Hofer, Lead Guide

Fishing in Patagonia should top every fly anglers bucket list. The river systems are vast, and the season is the ideal complement to the Northern Hemisphere, creating a year round trout season. The browns and rainbows are similar to the fish found in the Rockies, but on steroids– wild, strong, powerful fish. Some days we’ll target quantity, as the boat can hold well over 20 fish. Other days we’ll search for monster browns and rainbow that rival any trout in Iceland or New Zealand. Most of the fishing in Chile is based out of rafts, drift boats, jet boats, or one-man inflatables. You’ll wade plenty, yet these big systems make boats a necessity (along with 4wd and possibly a heli) to cover the vast potential of the Lagos region.

What will your trip look like?

Day 1 - El Tigre + Rio Palena Trout Fishing

Depart Rio Palena Lodge and ride a jet boat to Chile’s most remote streams. The day starts on El Tigre, a clearwater stream teeming with brook trout—the perfect warm up. Come afternoon, head back to the Palena, where larger trout hide out in the deep river pools surrounded by dense rainforests.

Day 2 - Overnight Float Trip

Wake up to a hearty Chilean breakfast. Shuttle upstream in one of Eleven’s tricked-out 4×4 pickups, then launch a boat for a 1-to 2-day Palena float trip adventure. Navigate the gauntlet of sunken logs—ideal habitats for monster trout. Few others have ever fished this section of river.

Day 3 - Lago Yelcho

Change of pace. Fish Lago Yelcho, one of Chile’s deepest lakes. Our expert guides will pick out streamers and dries to ruse even the most cunning trout. Surrounded by glaciated mountains and far removed from civilization, Lago Yelcho screams for some serious rest and relaxation.

Day 4 - Futaleufú Trout Fishing

Today is action packed. The Futaleufú River is well known for its rushing glacial runoff, with royal blue water that carves through the Andes. Expect prize browns and rainbows to crush your dry fly. Prepare to hang on! The battle is well worth the trophy trout.

Packing List

  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Fly rod and reel if you prefer to use your own
  • Fishing vest or pack
  • Rain jacket and pants
  • Windbreaker
  • Insulated jacket or vest
  • Warm layers for top and bottom: capilene, wool, fleece
  • Heavy wool socks for inside of waders
  • Sandals, clogs or Birkenstocks (for inside the lodge after fishing)
  • All necessary wading gear will be provided by Eleven