Robin Brown

June 24, 2018

Experience Manager

The French Alps offer world-class mountain biking—from smooth, man-made trails tailored for all levels, to rugged, technically-challenging single track through alpine forests and meadows. During peak summer season (July and August), world-renowned resorts such as Val d’Isere, Tignes, and Les Arcs offer chairlift access to hundreds of miles of trails with fun jumps and wall-ride features on the more advanced trails and in dedicated bike parks. If looking for a fitness challenge, endless cross-country trails can be explored and ridden to such local resorts as Sainte Foy. Originally trails for livestock and ancient trekking routes, these remote single tracks offer flowing, fast sections interspersed with technical rock gardens and steeper descents.

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Lift served mountain biking runs from July 2 - August 28
Trail NameType of TrailDifficultyStatus
Jump AroundDownhillClosed
Tarte a LognanDownhillClosed
Red HotDownhillClosed
Rocky TrailAll MountainClosed
PalafAll MountainClosed
WonderboissesAll MountainClosed
Forest BumpAll MountainClosed
Conduite ForceeAll MountainClosed
Salon de la VacheAll MountainClosed
Cow LantaCross CountryClosed
TrailspottingCross CountryClosed
Sweet SweetDownhillClosed
Tarentaise AirlineDownhillClosed
Funky TufsDownhillClosed
Fresse TagadaDownhillClosed
Black MetalDownhillClosed
Ice TignesAll MountainClosed
Wild 10 NezAll MountainClosed
Val BleueDownhillClosed
Blue LagoonDownhillClosed
Flower PowerAll MountainClosed
Into The WildAll MountainClosed
Rock'n RideAll MountainClosed
Very Bike TripAll MountainClosed
MimosaCross CountryClosed
OliveCross CountryClosed
Lift served mountain biking runs from July 2 - August 27
Trail NameType of TrailDifficultyStatus
Elle ChablatteDownhillClosed
Rock N'ArollesDownhillClosed
Las Trank'sAll MountainClosed
Easy RiderAll MountainClosed
Kid RockDownhillClosed
Lake DistrictCross CountryClosed
Route 66Cross CountryClosed
Hot WheelsCross CountryClosed
La ChacetteDownhillClosed
La "8"DownhillClosed
Dre Dans L'PentuAll MountainClosed
Yellow StoneDownhillClosed
Rock FenduAll MountainClosed
Lift served mountain biking runs from June 25 - September 4
Trail NameType of TrailDifficultyStatus
Sunset RocDownhillClosed
La SueeCross CountryClosed
Petit-Saint-Bernard PassCross CountryClosed
Les ZittieuxDownhillClosed
Dream ForestDownhillClosed
LandelieresAll MountainClosed
In the GreenAll MountainClosed
Villages of MontvalezanAll MountainClosed
Les MoulinsCross CountryClosed
Basta CosiCross CountryClosed
PromiseCross CountryClosed
La JouxDownhillClosed
Le VolpiDownhillClosed
La TourAll MountainClosed
VerneyAll MountainClosed
Lift served mountain biking runs from July 1 - September 1
Trail NameType of TrailDifficultyStatus
Circuit de NazondeCross CountryClosed
Lac du PetiitCross CountryClosed
Lac du RetourAll MountainClosed
Lac Longet et Lac VerdetAll MountainClosed
La Mazure Plan de Suel Cross Country Closed
Circuit de la FalconniereAll Mountain Closed
La Gurraz — ChenalCross Country Closed
Tete du Plane Cross Country Closed
Le Monal depuis la station de Ste FoyAll MountainClosed
Le Monal depuis le hameau de ChenalCross Country Closed
Le Champet — Le MiroirCross Country Closed
Circuit Echaillon — FormeianCross Country Closed
Cascade de la Raie All Mountain Closed
Circuit Ste Foy la Thuile — VillarogerCross CountryClosed
Circuit de Plan St AndreCross Country Closed
Lac du ClouAll Mountain Closed
Lac Noir (les Balmes)All MountainClosed
Circuit du Lac Noir All Mountain Closed
Circuit decouverte de Sainte Foy Cross Country Closed
le Monal par circuit balcom superieurCross Country Closed
Circuit de Plan Bois Cross Country Closed
Circuit du Pan Perdu Cross Country Closed
L'Echaillon et le Monal par Plan BoisCross Country Closed
La Petite SassiereCross Country Closed