Letter from your guide

Steve Banks, Director of Mountain Guide Operations

Skiing in Iceland is an unforgettable experience. Limitless terrain ignites new exploration in even the most seasoned of skiers. Our ski cat picks you up right at the front door of Deplar Farm and drops you at the best snow conditions. Making fresh tracks in such a remote and raw landscape is a bucket list experience. If the weather isn’t cooperating for heli-skiing the cat ensures you’ll still be able to make turns. The cat is also ideal for families and skiers who aren’t quite ready for heli drops.

What will your trip look like?

No-fly weather doesn’t mean it’s a down day. You’ll just track down the best snow from our snowcat rather than our heli. From the snowcat, our guides will lead you to the best snow conditions and also their favorite hot springs.

day 1

After breakfast, the cat will pick you up at the door of Deplar Farm. You tell our guides what type of terrain you’re craving—mellow, warm-up runs or long and steep drops—and they’ll deliver.

day 2

The ocean views that run to the north are screen-saver worthy. Spend the day zig-zagging through fjords and valleys with constant views of the cobalt-blue North Atlantic Ocean.

day 3

Head south. Today you dive deep into the heart of the Troll Peninsula. The mountains here are slightly taller and sprinkled with pocket glaciers that keep the snow cold and fresh. You won’t see any signs of civilization, just untouched runs.

day 4

Rise early so you can sneak in a morning of cat skiing before heading to the airport to depart the Troll Peninsula.

packing list

  • Helmet
  • Warm ski hat, baseball hat
  • Goggles (high and low-light lenses)
  • Sunglasses
  • Outerwear (ski jacket and pants)
  • Ski boots
  • Ski socks
  • Gloves or mittens (heavy and lightweight pair)
  • Warm layers for top and bottom: capilene, wool, fleece
  • Bathing suit (you might just find hot springs while skiing!)
  • Avalanche safety gear will be provided to you

no down days

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